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"Dr. Jia is a very nice doctor. You should see her if you have any physically pain on your body that the western medicine can not solve. I have to say Chinese acupuncture is very miraculous medical academic. The only thing is this treatment need to continue a whileyou can see the affect after the period. So do not expect you can straightened out just one or two times visit."

- Michelle X. from Hayward, CA


"Twisted my back while doing yard work and went there at the recommendation of a friend.

At first I was skeptical about how effective it can be since I never tried acupuncture before. However Dr Tao did a wonderful job on me, there was no pain from the needle and the tension and pain from my back was mostly gone after the 1st treatment. I could walk straight back to my car without pain. I think acupuncture is akin to a deep tissue ultra sound massage, and my back felt much relaxed afterwards. Went back for a follow up and the back has been pain free, during that visit Dr Tao also did some cupping on my shoulders (another 1st for me), because they were tensed, and it was an unexpectedly soothing experience.
The bonus is the clinic has better ambiance than most doctor offices I've been in before, with the exception of the PAMF in Mountain View. But then Dr Tao didn't charge me extra to gawk at the Chihuly chandelier either, so I'd rather pay their very reasonable fee than the extras that come with big buildings and extravagant interiors. The outside may not look much, but inside It's not spartan like most and is very relaxing.
Parking is somewhat lacking in the front and you have to park in the back parking lot through a little alleyway just before the clinic. I missed it the first time and have to circle back, but then its free and I don't need to worry about time limit unlike some street parkings.
Overall, I am very happy with the benefit of the treatments and highly recommend Dr Tao."

- T Y. from Santa Clara, CA

"So in my life there is a constant battle between ME and the Seasonal Allergies! It never fails and it happens on a regular basis depending on the weather and/or season (duh!). I heard of acupuncture being a type of treatment for allergies and it just so happened I was in the area and decided to give it a try. I took my brother along and it was his first time too. He went in for soreness and lower back pain while I did "treatment" of allergies and congestion.
First walking in you get the feeling that you are in some type of herbal market and with all the herbs placed on shelves and glass or plastic containers. It did have a musk scent to it but its pretty self explanatory (herbal clinic duh!..haha)
The lady running the place was totally awesome, she completely took both of us in with a $60 charge (each) but it was a very welcoming and humble experience. She used these weird suction cup things on the bf to bring up his skin/muscles up and placed them on different sections on his lower and mid back. It looked pretty nasty b/c they were turning purple but then she would stab the areas thinly and allow pressure to release. It was definitely something to watch but kinda weird too.
I was next with needles poking in the face, forehead, feet, ankles and nose. Apparently these are all pressure points to help with congestion and sinuses. The needle straight  on the tip of the nose and on the side of the ankles didn't feel to good, but i did feel a sense of pressure releasing and open passage ways in the sinuses. It was an odd feeling. I guess you got to come for a series of sessions to feel the "full" effect. 
Overall the lady was sweet and nice, I would recommend going here since she is so welcoming and informative. She actually kept raising my self esteem and stuff by saying such nice compliments. Again, such a good experience with the acupuncture fix!"

- Neel H. from Fremont, CA

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"I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy the day before Thanksgiving. I thought of giving acupuncture a shot to speed up my recovery. After 5 treatments in 2 weeks, I am able to move my eyebrow and my mouth is near normal. I no longer need a straw to drink. I will continue to see Dr. Tao until I'm fully recovered. I'm so glad that I gave it a try.  Now I can even feel the needles!  It's so worth it!  I thought It would be a while before I could see improvement. Thanks Dr. Tao!"

- Mercedes S. from Fremont, CA 

"I have had the best experience with Dr Mary. I was experiencing severe acid reflux, poor digestion, fatigue, hair loss, cravings, stomach bloating, constipation, etc. Since i started my treatments weekly all my symptoms disappeared and i no longer take any prescription medications. I'm very grateful for all her help. It was a blessing to find her."

- Lucy C. from Fremont, CA 

"Me and my wife have taken treatment from both the doctors and I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend them."

- Dinesh M. from Fremont, CA 

"Dr. Ping & Dr. Tao are great! They were my teachers in acupuncture school in 10 years ago and their depth of knowledge is a treasure for any community where they practice.  I have been their patient both during and after graduating. When my 3 year old was sick, I took them to her b/c I knew I could rely on their experience to give her the right herbs."

- Sahn L. from Carlsbad, CA

"I have had a pain under left rib for years. MRI shown some trauma in pancreas and overall I had all the symptoms of chronic pancreatitis. I could not sleep because of the pain. Any beer, coffee, chili, fat food made the pain barely tolerable. I've been to many doctors including Stanford. They just told me to keep very strict diet and pray. Dr. Tao dramatically improved my condition in about 10 visits and I was almost completely recovered a year after (still have to limit coffee and beer but not totally). Yes it may be impolite, they forgot about me once, it may be expensive, but it worked for me."

- Den P. from Sunnyvale, CA 

"After coming to ATP Acupuncture, I was completely cured of early stage appendicitis with 3 acupuncture sessions and  a week of herbal tea. In addition they have successfully treated me for back and shoulder pain. They provide excellent service and they have my 100% endorsement."

- Howard R. from San Jose, CA 

"I am very pleased with ATP. They have become family to me. They helped me through my pregnancy with back/hip pain, were able to get my son to turn around from a breech position, treated my Bell's Palsy and severe breast engorgement and prevented me from getting mastitis. Now I just need to get Kaiser to keep referring me as I have been able to keep from having to take major pain killers, antibiotics and prednisone and having a c section because of them. They are wonderful with my five children patient and doting. I was once somewhat skeptical about acupuncture in the beginning but now a believer of it. My kids are even doing acupuncture on their stuff animals as part of their pretend play. It is really cute."

- JC L. from San Leandro, CA 

"I am updating my review, Dr. Ping Wu is very professional and treat her patience very nice, and also so knowledgeable. ATP totally deserve a 5-stars from Yelp."

- Chi L. from Union City, CA

"Had shin splints for a month after running a half marathon and was in horrible pain. Went to get the pins stuck in and felt so much better after. He also gave me herbs to cook (smell and taste sucks) but it truly helped me. I was a skeptic before and now I've been sold on the healing properties of Chinese medicine."

- Kevin D. from Vallejo, CA

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